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About Us​

Sokol& Clements Law Group, now proudly led by Anna D. Sokol and Jackeline A. Clements, continues its legacy of excellence in immigration law from our base in Roswell, GA. With the retirement of our esteemed founding attorney, Joseph H. Rosen, the baton has been passed to these dynamic women leaders who bring fresh perspectives coupled with a deep respect for the firm’s established principles. Together, Anna and Jackie represent the evolution of our firm, bringing over three decades of combined experience in the intricacies of immigration law.

Our firm’s journey began with Joseph Rosen’s vision in 2001, a vision that has expanded under the guidance and expertise of Anna and Jackie. Their leadership has not only honored the foundational values of our practice but has also infused it with innovative approaches and strategies to meet the evolving needs of our diverse clientele. With roots grounded in Joseph Rosen’s extensive experience, including his notable career with the U.S. Government and as an adjunct professor, Sokol & Clements Law Group remains at the forefront of immigration law expertise.


Today, Sokol & Clements Law Group is a beacon of hope and guidance for clients from over 100 countries across the globe.

Our portfolio includes world-class athletes, renowned artists, entrepreneurs, and families seeking unification. Our expertise spans a wide array of immigration services, from business and employment-based visas to family-based immigration and naturalization processes. Our dedication to each case, whether it involves complex legal challenges or straightforward procedures, is unwavering. We take pride in navigating our clients through the multifaceted world of immigration law, ensuring each journey is met with professionalism, empathy, and success.

Our Values

The core values of the Firm have remained consistent throughout its existence. The goal is to provide Responsive, Successful, and Compassionate legal services to all of our clients. The Firm is committed to supporting our clients throughout the entire process and doing all that is within the power of the office to obtain a successful completion of the case. As our team have gone through the hurdles of U.S. immigration law system, we have a unique understanding of our clients, their needs, and their concerns. We are proud to provide the attention that each client deserves.

Pro Bono

The Firm also handles numerous reduced fee cases in support of our Pro Bono activities. The Firm continuously makes financial and volunteer contributions to charitable and non-profit organizations for causes:

The Sokol & Clements Law Group offers free and reduced-cost immigration assistance and speaks to groups for free. Volunteers provide citizenship help and take on cases for free in certain circumstances.

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